Ever since I watched Chip and Joanna Bahrain Phone Number Gaines on Fixer Upper. I knew a trip to Magnolia in Waco, Texas was my future. We were able to spend time visiting Magnolia and Waco as part of a Texas road trip. One of my favorite things about having my own business and Bahrain Phone Number starting this blog is being able to work from anywhere. I went through the list of things I need for my trip to make the trip enjoyable. Fortunately, when it comes to packing for travel, I’m pretty organized. What made this trip special was this part of our trip as we didn’t stay in a hotel during our time in Waco. Instead, Bahrain Phone Number we were able to live in one of the homes Chip and Joanna Gaines bought, restored, and kept for their Magnolia brand.

Carriage House

Magnolia offers guests three-holiday Bahrain Phone Number homes of varying sizes. Since there were two of us, the carriage house was a perfect size. We booked our tour months in advance and I’m counting Bahrain Phone Number down the days of this tour! The carriage house appeared in Season 3 of Fixer Upper. We watched the episode ahead of time and can tell there have been more updates since the episode aired. This house shares the same property as Bahrain Phone Number Magnolia House. Due to the layout of the two houses and the nice green space between the houses. We never saw anyone in the other house.

Bahrain Phone Number

As far as location goes, the carriage Bahrain Phone Number house is in a quiet town just outside Waco. For some reason. I think the property is next door to the silo. Like, I’ll open the front door and be in the silo! Fortunately, Bahrain Phone Number this is not the case. I just love the carriage house location. I’m glad it’s away from the hustle and bustle of the city, even though it’s Bahrain Phone Number only 20 minutes to Magnolia Silos.

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