The closure of internal facebook applications by apple through .Its app store was a bucket of cold water that shook the giant of social networks yesterday. This news covered various specialized media .And the seriousness of the matter led google to recognize similar failures. As well as to close one of its digital assets. We are talking about google, a firm that announced last night .That its screenwise meter application, launched in 2012, controlled and recorded. The activity of ios users in exchange for a reward. In this way, said software acted in the same way. The facebook apps that apple decided to remove from its app store.

This Application Is Completely Voluntary and Always Has Been.

We have been upfront with users about how we use their data in this app.We do not have access to encrypted data in apps and on devices. And users can opt out of the  weight loss email leads  program at any time.” apple, the only big winner while google’s app was clearer with users about how it collected data. The reality is that. It violated some of apple’s business certification rules as well as . Its data collection policy. And although the apology comes at the right time and after a strong lesson to another data giant. The truth is that the only winner is apple. The company founded by steve jobs seems to understand that privacy is the new asset with. Which users are able to condition companies.

The Positions of the Clients to Safeguard Their Information

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Transcends the elimination of some platform or the rejection of certain applications. Or tools that by definition are not capable of collecting data. Just four years ago, nearly 25,000 users filed a class action lawsuit against. Facebook alleging that the social network violates european privacy. Laws, not only for facebook users, but also for those who do not use. The social network for information that it collects through connections. With those who do use it. These types of events have been the spearhead for online service companies. Browsers and other online interaction resources to take action on. The matter to improve the experience of their users by providing greater protection guarantees for their data.

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