The british army has launched a new recruitment campaign for its army lines. With this, they show us a very simple and very well done commercial. Advertising has been a fundamental factor in the great incorporation of young people in the armies of various parts of the world. Here AUSTRIA BUSINESS FAX LIST we will show you this and other campaigns. Created by the “Jwt london” agency, a very prestigious communication agency in the field of intelligent advertising. In this case, they carried out a great campaign to encourage recruitment to the army, beginning in february 2013.

When Various Television Programs Began to Broadcast Live

Doing different tasks in afghanistan, people could see that people very similar to them successfully served their country. The commercial AUSTRIA BUSINESS FAX LIST that we will see next. Seeks to show the nuances of a job like this, how hard but rewarding it can be to serve a nation. It should be noted that pro-recruitment campaigns have been a fundamental pillar for the army. The films created by the nazis, and the propaganda . They broadcast on television were key to the massive support for the government of adolf hitler.

An Exemplary Case Is That of “Uncle Sam” of Which There Is


A record since before the Civil War. But it  wasn’t until 1916 that illustrator James Montgomery Flagg created the iconic image of what we know today as Uncle Sam. Over the next two years, around 5 million of these posters would be printed. They were also used for World War II. I invite you to comment: What role do the mass media play in the ideologization of people, and especially of young people around the world? Do  you think it is right that recruitment to the army is encouraged through these means?

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