We are launching a contest for designers advertisers. The small creative agencies to create the graphic piece or video that best performs in our online ad. The beauty of the contest is that we do not choose the winner subjectively. We schedule all the ads of all the participants and the ad with the best conversion wins. This is how estanislao sánchez lacoste , leader of rappi operations in argentina. Announced an alleged contest that is part of the company’s digital marketing strategy . The call asks designers, creatives and small agencies to “Work for the brand for free. With the promise of a monetary ‘prize’ for the piece that obtains the best results.

Once the Company Publishes All the Pieces Received”

That is, once the company used the work of the professional ‘contestants’ for free,” he added. “the announcement detailed the formats in which the works Buy Lebanon WhatsApp Numbers should be sent -instagram posts, videos or stories. Youtube videos , bumper ads or google ads- that would compete for a first prize of 15,000 dollars.“the ads, the ad went on, could cover any of the ‘rappi advantages’ with ‘complete freedom to try things cute.The ugly, retro, modern. Funny or boring or whatever is most effective in getting a new user’.

In the Networks, the Initiative Received Thousands of Criticisms

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From users who accused rappi of “Slave slaves” (overexploiting workers, in argentina). “Let’s do one thing: let’s order all the food deliveries. Let’s see which one we like the most and pay only for that one. It is essential that all advertisers understand that the work of creatives, designers. Community managers and any other specialist has value. And that every professional who is asked to work must be paid for. It,” says the text of the association. And he explains that it is inadmissible from an ethical point of view and contrary to all good practices in our industry.

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