We’ve been into 2017 for a few weeks now and I’m sure the bin of good intentions has already started to fill up. In it we can find that damn cigarette, some cheap excuse to skip the gym or any excuse for not fulfilling that promise we made at the beginning of the year.

In addition, this end of the year most of the sector’s media, opinion articles, trend predictions and social networks have been filled with another type of purpose, the Brand Purpose.

But what is this Brand Purpose?

We could define the brand purpose as the true reason for being of the brand, the reason why it exists, why and why it is in the market. A reason that is usually Japan Phone Number List linked to the value that the brand brings to the individual, society and / or planet beyond the simple exercise of making money.

(“Create a better day to day” (Ikea), “inspire the athlete in us” (Nike), “self-esteem and real beauty” (Dove), “contribute to the nutrition, health and well-being of people” ( Nestlé), “achieving sustainable growth, leaving a positive footprint on society and the environment” (PepsiCo) are examples of branding purposes).

And what does having a Brand Purpose contribute?

Having a defined Purpose helps us understand why and for what the brand exists, and therefore, allows us to have a compass that guides and marks our behavior, decisions and ways of doing, providing coherence and meaning to all our actions.

Having a relevant Purpose positively impacts our image and reputation, and most importantly, we are talking about an impact based on trust, credibility, transparency and honesty (currently downward values) that implies acting under the compass of our Purpose.

Having a clear Purpose means that our efforts, investments and developments of products, services and operations are oriented towards the achievement of said Purpose, thus fostering significant innovation.

Having a known Purpose shared with our consumers allows us to create relevant relationships with them. Superior connections based on values ​​and a similar vision of the world around us, fostering collaboration and generating preference, love and loyalty towards our brand.

Having a Purpose known and shared with our employees and collaborators can generate incredible results in terms of motivation, pride of belonging, contribution and even the creation of brand ambassadors. Results based on the potential of knowing and feeling part of a company with which values ​​are shared and that has a reason for being that goes beyond simply making money.


Having a Brand Purpose is useless if it remains a simple statement of intent hanging on the wall of our office or in a tab on our website.

We must be able to make our Purpose tangible, bring it to life and carry it out in all our day-to-day decisions and actions, be they product, service, operations and / or relationships with our environment and stakeholders. If not, the only thing we will achieve is to fill the bin even more with good intentions and above all, act against our brand.

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