2015 is ending and we cannot help but fall into the temptation to make predictions about the behavior that some parameters of the economy will have during 2016. In my case, I will focus on those that particularly refer to the field of marketing. Strategic area of ​​the company capable of translating its vision and objectives into business figures that will result in obtaining direct benefits for its owners (via dividends) and workers (via job support) and indirect benefits for society (via contributions of market value).

One of the issues that stand out the most, supported by the development of technology, is the so-called Big Data or accumulation of infinity of data related to people, the transactions they carry out, their behavior habits and interests, their hobbies and relationships with other people …, a massive accumulation of information that must be collected, structured, retrieved and analyzed intelligently in order to have descriptive and predictive utility.

We are in the era of the massive data revolution (V. Schönberger) that can be manipulated with efficient results thanks to tools with increasingly more storage capacity and personalized analysis systems tailored to the intended objectives. The so-called artificial intelligence has burst into the field of data mining although there is a tendency to overvalue it as if the success of the company depended on it.

However, data is Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List data and artificial intelligence provides analysis capacity with complex models whose results are nothing more than information also expressed in data, which makes no sense if there are not people who know how to organize, interpret and make them understandable. This, which seems logical, is not exactly what happens in reality according to recent studies on the use of Big Data in most companies, since a high percentage does not handle the data structure well or obtain useful results.

This situation is important because one of the resources that will emerge in 2016 is the DaaS (Data as a Service) or service provision model to centralize and enrich data so that a company can have information quickly and efficiently and oriented to the achievement of objectives, especially in digital marketing actions, where the immediacy of the action and multi-channeling are today the principles that can guarantee the success of a commercial action.

One by-product of these digital marketing exercises is mobile marketing, which will far surpass those targeting desktop devices. The majority adoption of mobile terminals by users and the recording of transactions and operations carried out will offer an essential framework for ordering the supply of products or services based on individual consumption profiles.

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