Marketing is currently taking a course where any detail has a determining influence on the image of the brand or the product and therefore on their sales ratios. That is why special emphasis is placed on very partial aspects of marketing. Current marketing seeks an evocation of sensations and emotions in customers, so precisely sensory marketing is a type of marketing that tries to capture the attention and generate desire of customers through their senses, one of which more investment and advances are reaching today. Along these lines, I have found it interesting that we talk about the odotype.

As you know, brands try to differentiate themselves from the rest, make themselves visible to customers and therefore have Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List  and invest in logos, in their own corporate image, ultimately in aspects that identify and differentiate that brand from other competitors to customers. Well, in this line, currently, marketing specialists work on an aspect of the senses that is very important especially in certain companies, brands, products … this is none other than having a certain smell, it is what is known as the odotype.

Therefore, we could define the odotype as that smell that identifies and that is only typical of a brand, a company or a specific product. This aspect related to the senses is becoming so relevant that companies of great commercial importance in markets and from very different sectors of activity are working in an unbridled way to create the fragrance, if they do not already have it, that identifies their brand to market it. immediately.

Other companies have designed the olfactory strategy of creating an odotype for each type of product, so there are car brands that, depending on the model, have a different odotype that identifies it, in many commercial establishments only a characteristic fragrance is used so that when the customer Enter immediately, know where it is located and that everything that that establishment evokes appears in your mind, I even know the case of restaurants, which usually always have the same smell for their guests, regardless of the foods they order from the menu, to This is why they cook certain products with certain aromas that make that restaurant different, they use tricks such as always having bread put in the oven even if it is not demanded, all this so that through the odotype the positioning that the client has of the company can emerge. All this has been used for many years at an intuitive level in many guilds, for example it is easy to see in the US how real estate agents on open days of the houses they sell, make cookies, so that those interested in that house when go and see them, through that aroma of freshly made cookies it suggests a homely, familiar, cozy atmosphere, etc …, being able to modify / enhance the perception that they obtain about the property.

The odotype, which I undoubtedly believe is of great value to the interests of the brand and which is undoubtedly one more aspect of the brand essence, I intuit will bring with it a multitude of complementary marketing actions, such as marketing the brand’s own fragrance. In many cases, you don’t think that if appel decided to smell in a certain way, many “appelians” would buy this fragrance as loyalty to the brand and as a distinctive sign of their attachment and loyalty to it, or if football clubs market Exclusive fragrances that the players, managers, press officers, everyone in the club have to use in a mandatory way by contract, the followers would not buy it, or even actions such as that the dependents and shop assistants of certain stores will have to wear, how uniform, a specific perfume that evokes the establishment and identifies the brand.

The creation of that odotype and what components it must respect for said creation from the marketing point of view, would be the reason for another post, but in said writing we would conclude by saying that this identifying fragrance must be coherent, it must suggest the rest of the values ​​and characteristics that make up the brand essence of the banner and which should enhance the desired positioning.

As I have suggested previously, this odotype is not something of recent marketing, in fact I have included it in marketing plans for years and to which I attach great importance (in some sectors more than in others), in particular it has always seemed to me It is important to include it in the merchandising action plans for commercial establishments of very different types as a factor to take more care of, but we must recognize that it has taken a great boom relatively recently due to that explosion of interest in conquering the senses of customers that current marketing seeks. It seems to me that all the components that help to identify, d

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