The internet has made things go incredibly fast. Everything follows a hellish rhythm and everything has to be produced, released and consumed equally quickly. The Internet has made the immediate become a fundamental element in our day-to-day lives and has modified all behavioral patterns and all rhythms. Suddenly everything has accelerated more than ever and brands have started to have to work faster than ever.

This has made the immediate become the epicenter of practically everything and has led to more or less forgetting the long term. The pressure to always be in real time, to connect with the audience at the specific moment in which it seems most necessary, has pushed brands to lose sight of the fact that after the present comes the future and that brands have an existence that it goes beyond now. Companies have to take care of their existence not only immediate but also the medium and long term, no matter how much the world has accelerated and no  Croatia WhatsApp Number List matter how much it now seems that everything has an expiration date that is located in the present moment.

As they explain in an analysis in ColumnFive, even in the world of immediate and fast, it is necessary to make a long-term strategy. In content marketing, which is the field on which they focus their analysis, the information should not be marked simply by the minute by minute, by what is happening right now, but also by what is expected to be achieved beyond the now.

Thinking in the long term also supposes a battery of profits that the brand takes and helps to obtain certain benefits. The first, and the one that tends to interest companies the most, is that ROI improves thanks to having an objective that looks beyond the immediate. If you think in a more general way, with a vision that goes far beyond the present, it is much easier to have a holistic approach to content. It is not the only benefit. Thinking long-term also improves the quality of content marketing (after all, they are content that has been thought out, valued and that has been worked on for a long time) and now time (since it makes knowing what to publish at all times is more easy).

The impact of the content is also much greater, since having a prior guide and a long-term strategy means that a flow of content is being created at all times and avoids the temptation to play everything to one card.

Therefore, betting on a long-term strategy helps to obtain stronger results and to be much more efficient in the relationship with consumers. But how do you create a strategy that helps achieve these goals while allowing you to connect with needs in real time? In the analysis, they recommend following certain steps to establish a guide for the future solvent.

Identify the objectives, The first step that a brand must take when it wants to establish a solid content strategy and one that does not stop only with the immediate and that really goes beyond is to know what it wants to achieve with it. In the other legs of marketing and brand positioning, companies do not go on an adventure without knowing what they are looking for with it. Nor should they do it in content marketing. They have to ask themselves who they want to reach, what message they want to send to the world or what content will be the one that is really valuable to reach the audience.

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