The company sega has announced the relaunch. Now in mobile phone version, of the classic 90’s game “sonic the hedgehog”. The most famous hedgehog in the world returns in its original version, this time to stay. We tell you here the reason for this re-release. Actually, the apple virtual store had already released a Australia Company Email Database first version of this all-time classic. However, this is the first time that an original remastered version has been made available for android. You can search for this app right now on the google lay store, which costs $2.99.

As for the Apple Fans Who Already Had the First Version

Of this video game. They can update it at no cost, which is great news for the fans because the graphics and game modes have changed quite a bit. The Australia Company Email Database reason for everything is, in fact, very simple: sega and nintendo . Who were great rivals in the 90’s, are now working together. And have signed an agreement to release sonic games again. This alliance gives them exclusivity to work with this character. Who will once again be the protagonist in various new video games.For different nintendo company consoles.

Surely This Adaptation Will Be a Great Success

Australia Company Email Database

Because it will attract the attention of all those who lived their childhood or adolescence in the nineties playing the famous Sonic. You can search for this app right now on the google lay store, which costs $2.99. Australia Company Email Database Sometimes it is good to go back to the simple, today there are many very complex applications and video games, however it does not mean that the classic has lost its quality.

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