Consumers spent more than $100 billion in 2018 to download software and pay for services. They received on mobile, both in the apple app store and google play. The information comes from research published by mobile analytics firm app annie. The $100 billion represents a 75% increase from 2016 and includes in-app. And in-app purchases already downloaded. In addition, the study gives other details. 1- it says that people spent around three hours a day in 2018 interacting in some way with a mobile application. 2-youtube is the most popular video streaming service except in china. Where tencent dominates , according to the report.

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Made about $790.2 million in sales through apple’s app store in 2018 during a 12-month period ending november 30, making netflix the highest  Cameroon WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists grossing ios app in the world. 5- however, as we published in merca2.0 , app annie points out that in september, the messaging application whatsapp , also owned by mark zuckerberg, dethroned facebook in terms of global monthly active users. The consultancy attributed whatsapp ‘s growing popularity to its easy way of letting people message each other around the world without having to deal with the hassle of cellular contracts. 6- as for facebook , app annie compared the company’s past year to uber’s tumultuous 2017 in which people, on social media, urged other people to “Remove uber” in retaliation for problems with facebook.

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However, for facebook, there were no mass defections. As for the predictions for 2019, the report mentions: 7-spending on application stores will exceed us$ 120 billion. In 2019, consumer spending from app stores around the world will grow five times faster than the overall global economy. Games are going to fuel most of the growth. China will continue to be the country that will contribute the most to this growth, although with a slight slowdown. Games today represent almost 75% of total consumer spending in these stores.

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