After breakfast, we head to the silo. I don’t know Belize Phone Number if it was because we went the week before Thanksgiving or because it was a Thursday. But it wasn’t as crowded as I thought! Now when we went back the next day on a Friday it was very crowd. We parked a few Belize Phone Number blocks from the silo and walked over. Lots of free parking and lots of other shops. Magnolia Silos occupies a few blocks in downtown Waco. It’s all well fenced and the grounds themselves are meticulously manicured and landscape. There’s a lot to do in silos, and there’s something everyone can do, even men. Magnolia Belize Phone Number Market is full of home decor, kitchenware, clothing and seasonal products. We were also able to see all the Christmas displays due to the time of year.

Silo Bakery Co.

If you are addict to any of the above, you Belize Phone Number can spend a lot of time here. The only downside is that we bought so much stuff. That I don’t know how we’re going to walk back to the car. We ended up coming back the next day to buy some of the things I had my eye on. This is a Belize Phone Number great place to pick things up for the house as well as holiday gifts. The silo also has several stores for more shopping. These are in small white villas on both sides of the Belize Phone Number green space. We looked at a lot of beautiful things like jewelry, books, art supplies, and baby clothes.

Belize Phone Number

If you are hungry, there are several Belize Phone Number food trucks to choose from and they are all popular. Fortunately, there is plenty of seating with shaded picnic tables to choose from. Magnolia Press is a large coffee shop with indoor and outdoor seating. I picked up a few bags of coffee to take home. We enjoyed some breaks, sipping coffee and relaxing between shops. The Belize Phone Number desserts here are great. We were already spoiled with waiting for these cupcakes. When we check into the Carriage House But we couldn’t resist checking. The cupcake flavors and grabbing a few more! The property also has a beautiful old church in the center of the property restored by Chip and Belize Phone Number Joanna Gaines. With all the hustle and bustle on the property, you can sit inside the church for a quiet moment. The garden area is really inspiring, right next to the silo. There’s even a small court to play waffle.

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