Two advertising professionals travel the world in search of the perfect cocktail. That’s what partners Mel Harvey and Anthony Poncier give themselves: combining their knowledge, skills and passion into a cocktail blog.

All that’s left to do is to find a new perspective on how much content has been blogged about the subject already… They found the solution by asking themselves the question, “What makes people decide to go and Keep going back, a particular bar?” Answer: The guy behind the bar, of course!

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Lecocktailconnoisseur is the blog for you if you’re looking for the perfect balance between drinks and humor, and want to learn more about the people who make the bar special. I was lucky enough to meet them and Kenya Phone Number chat about the reality “behind the scenes”. In this interview, you’ll discover a world of cocktails like you’ve never seen before. Let’s toast the experts! What does it mean to you to be an Kenya Phone Number influencer? Do you feel like you have influence over people online?

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By definition, an influencer is someone Kenya Phone Number who has influence over an important, connected audience. What we do today and the image we project is absolutely in line with that. Everyday people from all over the world contact us for advice or bar recommendations, and we regularly attend many events with the big brands. This year, we are the judges for the Bacardi Legacy Final in France.