In case you want to use any of the social media scheduling .And management tools that can be sent directly to instagram . You need to verify that the account you have is a business profile. To know this, you must go to the settings. And look for the option to switch to a business profile or return to a personal account. If you see the latter you are ready. According to social media examiner . The following social media management. And scheduling tools allow you to manage direct publishing. As well as scheduling from your desktop browser to the platform. While there are other tools available that will post directly to instagram. These are some of the most popular.

You Should Note That Not All Instagram Posting Features Are Available

When scheduling posts using third-party social media tools. An example of this is that most only allow direct advertising of photos, and you may not be able to use locations or user tags; besides that in certain cases, they also need to be downloaded to your phone. So here are france mobile number list  six tools that schedule business posts on Instagram. 1. Later. Later is a visual content planner that offers direct posting and scheduling to Instagram, Twitter , Facebook as well as Pinterest .

In the Same Way You Can Create a Free Account to Manage One of Each

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of the social profiles for a brand; In case of creating an account with Instagram, it will ask you to configure the direct publication in your first login. Once done, you’ll be able to start dragging photos from your computer into your post calendar and schedule them to post to your business account. 2. Zoho Social. Esta herramienta ofrece publicación directa para Instagram, Twitter, páginas de Facebook, páginas de empresas como LinkedIn y Google+. Social Media Examiner indica que los usuarios con el plan gratuito pueden administrar una de cada una de las propiedades sociales antes mencionada para una marca.

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