In a virtual planet which suggests many worlds. There are concrete elements that generate the base of the business. And others that generate magic. Santiago, chile.- it happens from time to time. We find offers to buy ‘followers’ for a low price. Which for some can mean a temptation, because, supposedly. The more BELGIUM BUSINESS FAX LIST followers you have, the more influential you are. However, the truth does not go that way. Let’s review why it’s not a good idea to buy followers. In a virtual planet, which suggests many worlds. There are concrete elements (products, services, measurement) that generate the basis of the business. One of the aspects of the company and a little bit of magic. Given by the creativity of the digital marketing strategy.

But for These Two Planes to Coexist, Something Fundamental

Is necessary: ​​real interlocutors . Without them, nothing works. That is the first big reason. Then, we can review others, derived from the main one. Evidence BELGIUM BUSINESS FAX LIST followers are obvious. Either because they don’t interact – yes, there are voyeuristic twitterers, we know, but they are the least – because they don’t have data and are a dry account when it comes to information. More does not mean more. It is easy to collect followers manually, what is not easy is to maintain them. Numbers don’t necessarily mean you’re influential. If your content is poor, you will probably begin to lose those who are not interested in having another account that only takes up space. Social media expert Ian Anderson adds three more reasons not to buy followers that we can’t dismiss.

Low Level of Engagement . When You Buy Followers


There is no interest in the topic, therefore you have little growth in what interests you most: the commitment of your audience. You may end up spamming. It doesn’t always happen, but sometimes Twitter Follower logs into your account and sends messages in your name, because the number of followers you have is interesting to him. Your true followers will not be amused. Loss of your reputation. In the BELGIUM BUSINESS FAX LIST world we live in, reputation is quickly gained and lost, and the idea of ​​buying followers is associated with something that feels a bit immoral. As it is easy to see, you will look pretty bad – as a person or as a company – trying to appear more popular than you are. And if these reasons do not seem valid to you, really the work of getting more and better followers over time, in the end becomes a great challenge for those who love this industry.

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