Two divided by ten can be expressed as one-fifth, 0.2, or 20%. When we add fractions and their decimal and per cent equivalents to the integers, we now have a set of numbers called the rational Argentina Phone Number List, but we have no set notation for this. A word of caution here: the set of rationals does not include all decimals. It only includes repeating and terminating (ending) decimals.

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These decimals CAN BE written as the ratio of two integers. Thus far, each of these sets of numbers was created by adding some new kind of number to what had already existed. Had we started by representing the counting numbers as a small circle, each new group would just be a bigger circle surrounding the smaller one. But, now, we need to deal with the decimals that are non-repeating, non-terminating.

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Argentina Phone Numbers List

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These decimals cannot be written as ratio of two integers (a fraction). This is also where we find numbers like pi, or the square root of two. As decimals, these numbers never repeat but also never end. These strange numbers are called irrational and do not belong in the other group. They exist in their own circle. If we draw one large circle to include the rationals and the irrationals, we call this the set of real numbers. So, are all numbers real?