Entrepreneurship is, without a doubt, one of the intense, challenging and most rewarding decisions and activities that a human being can make. Transforming an idea and dream into a reality, in a company that bills and has an impact on other people is amazing. An important aspect of this trip is how we communicate it to all those who will be relevant to our business: potential clients, users, partners, collaborators, investors. That is, to our strategic audiences.

We want them to know about us, to identify us as an offer, to prefer us, to buy from us. How to do it? Easy to say but a bit overwhelming in Iceland WhatsApp Number List  practice. In addition, when we undertake the resources available to do marketing they are not “exactly abundant” but very restricted because we are betting on cash flows to come.

The good news is that today it is perfectly possible (and with little investment) to accompany any undertaking from marketing to enhance its positioning and generation of demand. To do this, we have identified 6 basic marketing tips for entrepreneurs:

Audience strategy. When you start a business, you need to understand very well who you want to reach with your initial message. This determines where your efforts will be, who your real customers are, what you will tell them to make sense of to them, and how you will get there. I recommend reading the 6 steps of the empathic model.
The logo. It is the sustenance of the visual identity of your enterprise. It is highly recommended that the logo reflects your essence, spirit, vision of what you want to achieve. Definitely that the logo is made by a professional, because the grace is that the design is harmonious in terms of shapes and colors. I suggest investing all the necessary time in the creation process to obtain the logo that you like and interpret the most.
Business cards. It is our experience that, despite the fact that digital has prevailed in many areas, it is no less true that the business card is still fully valid and is a convenient way to generate a first formal contact that encourages continuing the conversation. In business meetings, it is delivered at the beginning. In social gatherings – if applicable – it is delivered at the end. They must be of good quality, sober and communicate who you are.
Website. From experience, the biggest challenge in building a website today is how to properly organize the information with the people who visit it (strategic audiences) in mind. The website should not be just a repository of information but an interactive platform that has a form (either to contact, quote or receive information) where you register and provide basic contact information. The site must be easily and quickly administrable. That you have Google Analytics implemented to make smart marketing decisions. That the site, in addition, has all the settings so that it is as “findable” as possible in the search engines.
Social networks. A good and convenient way to boost your entrepreneurship is by using some of the social platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. The idea is that you use social networks to promote the spirit, your ideas, your enthusiasm and that you generate “calls to action” that is, that you encourage people to know your offer and register on your website. Those will be your first Potential customers.

Banner Roller. If you have the opportunity to participate in fairs, events, meetings, talks or workshops, it is very convenient and practical to have a roller banner (they call it a banner in some countries) to support a physical and visual presence. Accompany your logo with a phrase that represents you and the address of the web page.
With these relatively simple marketing tips to implement at a very low cost, you can already feel competitive to gain positions in that venture and make your goals come true.

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