These are good times for those companies that are betting on inbound marketing or attraction marketing as a strategy to attract customers. This is what the organizations surveyed recognize by the study ‘The state of Inbound Marketing’, prepared by ICEMD-ESIC and InboundCycle and which maintains that at least 50% of companies in Spain and Latin America see this type of strategy as your main source of potential customers.

The data confirms the sweet moment that inbound marketing is going through as a strategy for companies, which has an important projection given its efficiency and capacity to create and promote the brand image of companies, as well as the remarkable way in which its Techniques improve the margins of return on investment (ROI) of the organizations that bet on them.

In fact, among the main conclusions that this study has reached is that there has been a general increase in investment in inbound marketing strategies by companies. Specifically, during 2014 the average budget allocated to these techniques was 40% higher than that registered in 2013 and 7 out of 10 companies say that they have a larger budget than the one used in this strategy in the previous twelve months.

This is due to the ability to improve the Singapore WhatsApp Number List  return on investment of the techniques on which inbound marketing is based (content marketing, social networks and SEO). Thus, as confirmed by those responsible for the report, “practically all companies, regardless of their category, affirm that it has been more positive in 2014 than in 2015”, being the companies oriented to the end customer those that have registered better values around this indicator, essential to analyze the efforts made by organizations to marketing and advertising them.

The reasons for success

But, what are the specific motivations that move companies to opt for making use of inbound marketing? The main conclusion reached by this research is that the increase in investment in this strategy by organizations is due to the success achieved by their techniques in terms of obtaining new clients. It is followed by the distance between changes in management, the presence of an SLA (Service Level Agreement) system and the contracting of services.

With respect to the opposite pole, the factors that have most influenced the few companies that have acknowledged having contracted their budgets in inbound marketing (in Spain, 9% and in Latin America, 14%), highlight the negative economic environment in the found, the changes in the management of the organization and the failures in the inbound marketing strategies developed previously. Benefits achieved

Similarly, 92% of Spanish companies indicate that they have had a better ROI in 2014 than in the previous year, a figure that in the case of the Latin American region is 79%. In this sense, the companies consulted, regardless of their size, have agreed to affirm what are the main benefits they have obtained from the commitment to the combination of SEO techniques, social networks and content marketing. Among them, the generation that has been found in their web pages of an increase in the generation of contacts, an increase in their sales and an improvement in the ROI of their marketing actions stands out.

In fact, the companies that have been part of the survey claim to be clear about their priorities when it comes to their commitment to this marketing strategy. They are none other than, firstly, increasing your number of leads, secondly, reaching a relevant audience, thirdly, increasing the income derived from your current clients, fourthly, reducing the cost of acquiring leads and Finally, demonstrate the profitability of marketing actions.

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