One more year begins and what does not seem to go out of style are social networks. These platforms have become a vital space for consumers and brands. It is enough to recognize that until last august, according to statistics provided by hootsuite and. We are social, there were around 4 billion social network users in the world. The potential that the figure represents for brands explains the billion dollars in revenue generated by advertising in these interaction spaces. Although these figures could speak of the closeness of the audiences with sites like facebook. Twitter or instagram, the reality is that we are talking about live platforms. Which evolve rapidly offering their subscribers new functions and options to improve their experience.

In This Way, It Is Not Surprising That the Operation of These

Spaces hide some .The “Tricks” that are worth knowing to optimize the use of these sites. Either as a powerful marketing and communication tool or as a simple place of recreation. Twitter avoid Thailand WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists posts without giving “unfollow” simply access the profile of the user whose posts you want to prevent. Access the options menu (three dots) and select the “mute to” option. Whatsapp deactivate the app without removing. It to deactivate whatsapp without deleting it, simply go to the phone settings. Select the “applications” option and click on “whatsapp”. There you can access “Application information” and then select “Force stop” to ‘turn off’ the app temporarily.

Device Change Without Losing Data Android to Android

Thailand WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists

This is one of the easiest changes. One of the easiest methods is to make a local copy that can be transferred from one device to another with a microsd card or via google drive. However, to ensure that all saved chats are moved correctly, the following is enough. Enter the menu button from the main screen of the application. Access settings, then select chats and calls, and finally select backup. Once there, just select the save option .On the new phone, all you have to do is install. Whatsapp and restore the content in the configuration process. In the case of using the copy in drive we will have to make sure that we have used the same gmail account that we had on the previous phone.


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