Youtube the most popular platform for sharing videos. Is a tool that every brand should take advantage of for . Its marketing strategies, since it is growing more and more. In this regard, eric schmidt, executive director of google. Assured that the platform and online videos have surpassed television content. More related Bhutan B2B List notes 3 arguments for your boss to agree to invest in youtube. 5 steps to take advantage of youtube in your business. Schmidt made the statement in a presentation to advertisers last wednesday.

Percent More Engagement Than Other Publications

Where he noted that Bhutan B2B List YouTube recently surpassed the 1 billion monthly visitor mark, and estimated it could grow to 6 to 7 billion. For this reason, he assured that online content has left television behind. According to the Bhutan B2B List executive, people between the ages of 18 and 34 prefer YouTube content instead of a cable television channel. In that idea, it is important that you include in your marketing strategy a plan to be on YouTube; Figures from the Facebook good practice guide ensure that a video generates 100 percent more engagement than other publications.

How to Make Videos to Promote a Brand

Bhutan B2B List

Thus, it is a good showcase Bhutan B2B List for brand promotions. As for Mexico, the country represents 6 percent of YouTube visits worldwide and around 77 percent visit the portal every day, which is why more and more brands are using this online tool,  Bhutan B2B List according to the El Universal newspaper. For all this, including this platform in your plan can bring you good Bhutan B2B List benefits, but before including it in your strategy you should know how it is used? How to make videos to promote a brand? And establish your objectives and goals.

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