The number of chinese multi-channel VP HR Email Lists networks (mcns) has grown rapidly from 160 in 2015 to 28,000 in 2020 – a 175-fold growth in just five years. As more and more kols are incubated by mcns, the way they reach out to followers has been formalized, and as a result most of their content is becoming more and more similar. Faced with homogenized content, people are starting to lose interest. It is becoming harder for brands to achieve great success by running kol campaigns . This is partly because some of the industry rules have changed; so, to better navigate these changes and help. You maximize your marketing strategy in china. We will guide you through 5 key steps to create a successful kol marketing campaign.

What Do You Want to Achieve by Investing in

A key opinion leader campaign ? Is your ultimate goal to VP HR Email Lists promote sales? Bringing attention to your brand through activation? Or how about building your brand image? Finding an answer to these three questions is essential before VP HR Email Lists embarking on a kol-supported campaign. Because too often brands want to achieve all of these goals with just one campaign. But without a clear vision. The guidelines brands communicate to kols could be confusing or misleading. And so, the content created on the basis of the guideline becomes vague and does not reinforce the marketing objectives. Let’s take fashion brand tory burch as an example, which ran a campaign with top fashion chinese key opinion leader mr. Bag in july 2021. The event was a tea party, and mr.

Bag’s Presentation of Tory Burch’s Classic Bags,

VP HR Email Lists

The watched models introduce the brand’s clothing. The campaign was not sales oriented, and although followers received special discounts that day. No one encouraged VP HR Email Lists them to buy anything. The sales generated by this campaign event may not have been high, but it was a special experience for these followers to connect with mr. Bag and have an intimate way to build their brand awareness on tory burch and its products. This is a crucial step in a kol marketing campaign, as deciding . Who to work with directly affects a campaign’s overall spending and effectiveness. However, this is also the most complicated step for brands. It is becoming more difficult for brands to find suitable key opinion leaders due to the growing number of kols in the industry.


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