It is not new to anyone to hear that search engines. Better known as seo (for its acronym in english) are resources that all brands with a presence. In the digital world must work with. Its relevance goes hand in hand with the fact that the internet has become a basic service for. The world population. Something that has turned cyberspace into an almost necessary scenario for. Any type of company that seeks to better connect with its target audiences. Investment in search advertising continues to grow . Not for nothing, only by the end of this year.

It Is Estimated That the Investment in Digital Marketing

Will exceed 311 billion dollars, according to projections published in statista. And, if we consider that search advertising will represent an investment of more than 104 billion . The largest item of interest, surpassing social media advertising. It is understandable why it has Belgium WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists gained so much prominence. However, implementing or designing a strategy that achieves excellent seo results is not easy. For this reason , it is important to have tools that allow a timely analysis of the actions and strategies. That we are executing as part of a marketing campaign. In that context, there are both free and paid tools that can be of great help in allowing you to be as analytical as google. Here we share 5 of them:check my links it is a google chrome extension that allows the user or. In this case, the administrator, to easily find those broken links on their web page.

Its Strength Is That It Is Also Capable of Highlighting

Belgium WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists

The optimal links in green and those that require review in red. UpCity A tool that allows you to analyze the sites to identify areas of risk with respect to the competition. Some topics covered are: classification, links, accessibility, and indexing. woorank In this case, the help is to identify areas of optimization and improvement opportunities for websites. In his case, it is a very basic but didactic tool, it gives a score from 0 to 100 regarding the optimization of your site, in addition to generating a report with an analysis of the competition. Screaming Frog An audit tool that allows you to obtain quick reports on a site and, with this, be able to verify the general state of SEO.

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