Some time ago, the terms ‘digital native’ and ‘digital immigrant’ were coined . The first refers to those who were born between the 1980s and 1990s, in the 20th century, that is, after the start of digital technology. The ITALY BUSINESS FAX LIST second term classifies those of us who were born before that decade and have had the need to get involved in the digital process. Based on these criteria, many think that a Community Manager should belong to the first group, ideally. But logic tells us otherwise. Moreover, I dare to say that an adult Community Manager can probably be more efficient than a young person. Reasons? At least five. Capacity for emotional adaptation. A person over 40 years of age not only has his life resolved.

Therefore There Is No Anxiety. What You Need to Learn

Will take even less time than a young person because, consciously or unconsciously, you will make use of certain previously known methodologies to achieve it. One of the ITALY BUSINESS FAX LIST characteristics that are essential for a CM is patience. Usually, people start to behave civilly on social networks, but if there is a troll or just an angry customer, developing this feature will be very useful. Older people have learned to be patient, in general. Rhythm. The fact of using social networks in our marketing strategies does not mean that everything has to be “a thousand”. In fact, the communities respect the times, because they are aware that the CM is not the company, although he does represent it. This moderate pace of someone older.

Criterion We Agree That “What Life Does Not Give


Salamanca does not lend”, but agreeing that we are referring to an adult who has shown certain criteria in his previous jobs and has a series of social tools that interest us, It is highly probable that he has developed this aspect more than many young people. Life experience . This aspect ITALY BUSINESS FAX LIST is responsible for all the previous ones, without a doubt. As much as we believe, when we are young, that we know everything, it is not so. Life experience is an aspect that enriches a community because it goes beyond the practical. An adult can establish closer relationships with customers, because her experience will indicate how to do it with each of the followers. To do this, he will change the language, the codes, the forms and whatever is necessary .


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