It is no secret that the world turns more and more to the digital environment. Year after year we see how investment in digital marketing increases. If we had to propose a platform that should not be missing from your plan or strategy. That would have to be instagram. Why? Let’s start by looking at figures on investment in digital advertising.The projections published in statista indicate that at the end of this year . They will amount to more than 311 thousand 398 million dollars . Of which, more than 92 thousand million will be allocated to social media . It is the second largest investment item. Only behind search advertising with more than 104 billion. The throne of facebook is in danger and. It is that for months there has been talk of how instagram is the jewel in the crown of facebook for two main reasons.

The First Is That the Social Network Co-founded by Mark Zuckerberg

It is having a hard time adding new subscribers. Something that is aggravated by the loss of interest from younger generations such as millennials and. The second Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists is related to the fact that precisely these population groups are more daring because of the photo and video app. Which has already exceeded one billion and shows no signs of slowing down the number of new users. This is reflected in the effectiveness of instagram in marketing matters.The more than 4 billion likes a day are recorded on this social network . In fact, each image posted receives an average of 23 percent more engagement than on facebook. We recently talked about this platform being the new queen in digital marketing this 2019. Here are some trends why.

Video Will Outperform Photos Yes, Its Origin Is Photos

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But over time its functions and new tools that stimulate the production of video content have increased considerably. According to a pew internet study , 95 percent of instagram users also use youtube, something that suggests a link between what users of these two platforms do. Stories, the honey of instagram The thesis is reinforced that as the social network stimulated the video, it has become the main protagonist and the stories are the maximum expression; there are already more than 400 million accounts using them daily, according to instagram. This format is very attractive for brands and advertising. Great for marketing Added to the data that we mentioned regarding engagement on instagram, the fact that 80 percent of its users are outside the united states, makes it a global platform, enhancing the audience reach with each of the brand’s publications


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