I read an article invitation by enrique san juan , Lesotho B2B List an expert in social media and personal branding. As a result of the seminar that he is going to offer in our country. At the end of the month and I loved the title “what does he say about you? Your photo on the social network profile?”. As it is a call to attend the meeting, there are not many details. But it suggests the importance of the profile. That you want to create. Proposing to take advantage of “ the impulse of social networks to project to the world an image of ourselves. Full of success, joy prosperity and self-confidence.” you are partly right, but other factors also need to be considered. It is true that we all want to show our best image, but.

It Does Not Necessarily Have to Be “Success and Joy”

What prevails. Sometimes a serious portrait can be much more effective than a forced laugh. Which implies nothing more. This reflection leads us to the first key Lesotho B2B List honesty above all. If you want an important and real projection in time. It is necessary to consider honesty as a fundamental pillar to achieve it. What you know. What you do and how you do it determines who you are to society. Therefore, trying to pretend to be something you are not will only lead to a bad image, sooner or later. Also, remember that no one is a “Gold coin”. Unless you are justin bieber or lady gaga (and not even). Therefore there will always be people who follow you .

And Others Who Do Not Consider You. Regardless of

Lesotho B2B List

Lesotho B2B List who you are or appear to be. Focus your comments. This is hard at times, because the honesty that we were talking about also invites us to make trivial or annoyance comments, as a reaction to certain situations and, protected by our freedom of expression. We can disperse and travel fields that are not ours, moving away from our main objective. To consolidate our professional image and become a benchmark in the field in which we work. Yes, because that’s what we’re talking about. I don’t think that many of those who read merca20 are interested in becoming “influential people in entertainment” .The above obviously does not imply giving up opinions on important issues. But scattering in many stories does not seem convenient.

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