Without a doubt, the health contingency has been one of challenges and opportunities for many sectors; the confinement and physical closure of companies were factors that led to the growth of Mobile Marketing strategies, with the use of instant messaging as a link between businesses and consumers.

Closing 2021 with more than 2,000 million users, WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging applications in the world. In the business field, the boom in the use of WhatsApp has occurred in small and medium-sized companies that have used it as a customer service tool, but also as a communication and sales channel. However, the use of this option is not always aligned with a structured tactic that pays for business growth, so I share 5 keys so that your mobile marketing strategy with WhatsApp is efficient and contributes to the development of your organization:

Clarify your competitive advantage If you have not yet stopped to identify and define the value proposition that you offer to your customers and that makes UAE mobile number database   them prefer you over the competition, it is a good time to do so. Many SMEs have found in the pandemic the possibility of continuing to be chosen for personalization, for security in delivery, for convenience, for a healthy lifestyle. Obviously, the competitive advantage must be associated with what your target market requires.

How to identify it? A few days ago I was talking with a businesswoman, Erika who owns a spa. She was not clear about her competitive advantage and as often happens, she thought that her advantage was in price. By helping her with some questions, we discovered that her advantage is in convenience as she offers comprehensive services: The same does manicure and hair dye, as reductive and facial treatments, in addition to the knowledge she has of her frequent clients, she offers the services that she knows that complement the enhancement of your image.

Install and optimize WhatsApp Business The business version of this application can become your ally in customer service. Within this tool, pay special attention to creating a complete and friendly product catalog, use images that faithfully reflect what your client will receive, dedicate special time to writing titles (maximum 20 characters) and product descriptions. (maximum 75 characters). Make sure that the description refers to your competitive advantage, it is advisable to start with an adjective and end with a call to action.

And here came another dilemma for Erika and her Spa. Choosing the photographs for the catalog is a challenge, remember that the services are intangible, so representing them in an image should reflect not the physical appearance, but the experience of using the service. Erika stopped using images depicting skin problems, instead turning to photographs that reflected the benefit of the product.

The catalog should not be exhaustive, WhatsApp is an instrument that requires targeting, shares a maximum of 20 products that represent the 80/20 rule: 20% of products that represent 80% of your income.

Manage your sales in an organized way
Have you implemented CRM in your business? Customer Relationship Management or Customer Relationship Management, is a tool that allows us to change from a transactional approach (focused on the single sale) to a relational approach (long-term bond with the customer). Starting a CRM is relatively simple: Identify the general data of your consumers, record or retrieve their purchasing habits, analyze the information and anticipate their needs.

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