Over time, advertising messages have developed a constant evolution based on consumer preferences. And today users are eager to consume new materials. That can add valuable content to their daily routine. Generating impact through feelings is today one of the bases in national . And international campaigns and claudio fdl. Ceo of hey interactive, a mexican company specialized in the generation of digital strategies. It is very likely that the strategies that were used last year will not be effective in 2019.” claudio shares and reflects on five trends of digital marketing . Trends to take into account to obtain the best results in your campaigns.

Full Stack Marketing the First Thing to Consider in a Digital Marketing

Strategy is that it is oriented towards a global strategy. Some time ago it was enough to focus efforts on one or two channels such as. “Google and facebook ads” to obtain results immediately. However, due to the evolutionary Croatia WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists process of advertising. The need now arises to give a much greater focus and more complex. Therefore, to consider that a digital marketing strategy is effective. It must contain at least the following dissemination channels. Google ads pay per click – seo – social media – display ads . The more channels are used the greater the margin of exposure. And therefore the campaign will be much more effective. Otherwise, the results are likely to look it will be much more effective. Otherwise, it is likely that the results will be decimated and the message will most likely be stuck.

Voice Searches Today Everyone Has a Voice Assistant Such as

Croatia WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists

Google or alexa” to optimize their activities and find the desired information much faster. That’s why I believe that these searches are increasing in daily use and in no way should. They be downplayed. In fact, according to comscore, nearly half of google queries. Will be through voice search in 2020. So, if you want to grow a business. It is very important to keep this tool in mind. How is it used? If your site does not have a security certificate. It will be necessary to acquire it from your hosting provider (depending on your provider). Second, your website must load quickly. These steps are necessary to optimize voice search. Also, people are typing longer and longer phrases to search. So your answers should be short and to the point. It’s better if your answer is a long sentence rather than a long paragraph.

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