We constantly find that our Timeline on Twitter runs at lightning speed and with difficulty we can follow everything that interests us. Of course, if you are not a “rock star” or divo per se , it is most likely that you will follow back a large part of your followers and in these conditions, Belarus B2B List at times you miss things that you would give more priority to if you did not have your full TL. One of the smart solutions is to make topic lists with the people you follow. Another, use some tool to clean your TL. And when I talk about ‘cleaning’, I don’t just mean that we are honest with ourselves, leave politeness aside and remove accounts that don’t bring us anything.

But Do a Good Research of the Followers That Only Take Up Space

What are they? Those who speak another language that we do not handle much. Those who are inactive, those who appear doing spam , etc. Tools known as twitdat . Which unfortunately, stop working at times, can help us manage our reciprocity with followers and decide. If it’s worth Belarus B2B List following ‘egocentrics’ who don’t follow you (I think ‘egocentric’ has become a word that sets precedents for a kind of unwritten regulation. Which includes an obligation to return the hand, but that’s another topic). Among other functions, are a great help.

The Same Happens With Qwitter , Which in Its Free Version

Belarus B2B List

only allows you to know who has stopped following you and is valid for an account or Followerwonk, which classifies your followers by age and also by activity on the network, which are good alternatives. But, in my opinion, the best these days is Manageflitter which Belarus B2B List, through a scanning system, reviews your entire account in search of various categories for possible cleaning: those who don’t follow you, those who don’t have an image on their profile, inactive, spamming, non-Spanish speaking, following more people than following them, inactive, talkative, and quiet. You decide who stays and who goes.

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