The mobile app market is growing significantly worldwide. Over the past year, users around the world spent $71.3 billion on apps and games. Up 22.7 percent from 2017. According to estimates from sensor tower store intelligence. Although it could be thought that this is a segment dominated by applications such as candy crush. Facebook or whatsapp, it is true that the user is willing to discover new proposals. In fact, according to the aforementioned source. It highlights that the applications downloaded for the first time exceeded 105.3 billion dollars during 2018. Get the consumer’s attention at all costs?

Although the Above Figure Speaks of the Opportunity

To become the next “great fashion app”, we cannot lose sight of how difficult. The road to reach this goal can be. Nielsen estimates recall that more than 70 percent of mobile app use is concentrated in just 200 apps . While comscore estimates that mobile users spend 80 percent of their fax database browsing time on three apps. With this in mind, we have seen the rise of some applications that. In their eagerness to buck the trend, try to offer “one-time” benefits to their users; however, on this path. Some have been daring and have gotten into the middle of the controversy. Here are four examples worth knowing about. Tik tok it is a chinese app that has been criticized for its functions.

Which “Imitate” the Hallmarks of Other Apps That Are

fax database

 Now a reference in the market. Among other things, it allows you to make videos with Snapchat-style filters, it allows you to record short videos (15 seconds) like Instagram, it includes augmented reality and the possibility of doing lip-synch or karaoke of your favorite musical themes. secret calculators At first glance it is a calculator; however, in reality, this app allows you to hide private files of all kinds. From photos, contacts and notes to videos and audio messages, everything can be hidden under a combination of numbers. The concern with this app lies in the irresponsible use that many young people can give to their special advantage.

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