Being able to offer an alternative for users with disabilities is Ukraine Phone Number List therefore necessary. Some tips: Mention the use of the chosen social media channels in your accessibility statement on your site. On the profile page of your social media account you indicate where visitors can find the digitally accessible information. For example, if users can ask a question via Twitter Ukraine Phone Number List or Facebook, offer the possibility to do so via a form on the website, e-mail or telephone. It might be more useful to refer users of your social media channels to your own site and let them ask the question there. This way you centralize content and interaction and you don’t have to combine these from different channels.

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You can also display (embed) the information that you share via a Ukraine Phone Number List social media channel on your website. Make sure that the content of your social media expressions is always as accessible as possible. You are responsible for the content. This means, for example, that your videos on YouTube must have subtitles. Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the Internet, has drawn Ukraine Phone Number List up a ‘Contract for the Web’. This is a global action plan to make our online world safe, accessible and usable for everyone. Because it isn’t now. And he’s worried. Justifiably? With all the fake news, the agitators and conspiracy theories branching out online? Column – I recently read that Jeroen van Koningsbrugge believes that 9/11 was set up by the Americans themselves.

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We all had to think that those terrible terrorists had done it. That’s how Ukraine Phone Number List you make a war. And there is nothing that can make you more money than war.” And he’s not alone. 30 percent of the Dutch also think so. While reading his story I noticed that I started to have Ukraine Phone Number List doubts. Is Jeroen right? How could these towers collapse from the bottom if an airplane flies into them at the top? And who were the men in suits who walked in and out of the building three days before the disaster? No, the US government would never do something so heinous… This internal discussion made me curious. Is the number of conspiracy theories growing through the internet and social media?

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