From a marketing point of view, these principles help to better identify what needs to be improved in the company’s strategy:

Is it the product or is it one of the services involved in its delivery or after-sales? … Or is it customer service, external or internal, in any of the phases of interaction of the company with customers?

Attention is not the same as service
Two concepts that we use as synonyms on a daily basis. But differentiating them allows us to understand why when receiving good service with bad attention, customers are left feeling dissatisfied.

This happens all the time when Cyprus WhatsApp Number List  the customer is given correct information (service), but the person who gives it does so in an inappropriate way (attention).

On the other hand, differentiating service from care also helps us understand why a failure of service accompanied by excellent care makes clients more understanding, more patient and satisfied with the professional effort of the person who attends them.

Customers can even be very satisfied if they are adequately notified of a service failure well in advance, because that allows them to make forecasts.

Remember: what bothers customers the most is not service failures at any given time, but how we react and how we respond when failure occurs:

Do we hide or face proactively?
Do we take responsibility or do we rally it?
Do we act immediately or do we look for excuses?
Do we apologize or do we play crazy?
Attention is the human component of service
In a restaurant, the service is constituted by the quality of the food served, the time it takes to serve it, the variety of the menu, the price, the cleanliness of the bathrooms, etc. But food does not come to the table alone, and the way the person who serves it works influences its flavor.

The same happens with banks, telephone companies, supermarkets, pharmacies, hospitals or any other company, large or small. It also occurs in government organizations or companies that provide public services. Whatever the case, your products and services are always in the hands of employees who bring them to customers, and the quality of service they provide adds or detracts from them.

In many companies they give more importance to the quality of the product than to the attention of the employee who ends up being the face of the product in front of the customers.

Likewise, when running advertising campaigns, at least notify your employees in advance. They feel very unmotivated when they find out about new products or services of your company from customers or other external means. Attention impacts more than service
This is not to say that service is less important. No way. Companies are committed to providing their customers with excellent products and services.

But why is the quality of care that most influences the perception of customers about the value of a company’s products or services?

Every day customers notice fewer differences between products and services, because their quality and how they work tend to be the same. But the attention they receive from the “ambassadors” of those products and services impacts them more as people.

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