Rwanda B2B List Can you imagine being able to interact with your favorite poet, listen to and get to know the music of your favorite composer, or read horror stories with images and sounds. Well, all this can be done thanks to the applications for tablets that promote culture. Apps broaden the audience’s experience of a brand or institution; For this reason, the challenge of generating an application for a tablet in a marketing strategy is to provide useful content that offers added value. In this sense, an App is a way to contact the consumer, since it allows brands and institutions to include a large amount of content in a creative way.

Now, Think That the Brand You Want to Promote Is the Image of

The great masters of poetry, music and storytelling. These three applications will help you experience other worlds. At the hands of an Rwanda B2B List outstanding trio of universal culture. Foolish men who Rwanda B2B List accuse apps for no reason. This app deals with the life, work and context of the mexican poet sor juana inés de la cruz (1651 -1695). Likewise, it is an invitation to discover and enjoy the colonial world. It includes audios, texts, videos and images. In addition. It has functions so that you can learn to write sonnets, draw, prepare cooking recipes (the poet was a fan of gastronomy) .And listen to the music of the 17th century. The application has exclusive content, since for its creation. It had the support of the universidad del claustro de sor juana in mexico city.

Seducciones De Sor Juana Is Under the Seal of the National Council

Rwanda B2B List

 For Culture and the Arts (Conaculta). It is only Rwanda B2B List available in the Apple App Store and is free. To listen to the Huapango. In this App, created by Conaculta and only for the Apple App Store, compiles the story of the musician José Pablo Moncayo (1912-1958), a renowned Mexican composer from Guadalajara, Jalisco. With this application, users will enjoy and learn about Monaco’s music, especially his greatest hit Huapango. It also includes his biography, material for children, multimedia material and an interactive in which you can pretend to be an orchestra conductor.

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