Content marketing is one of the trends within the marketing strategy of companies that is becoming more established and the one that is being talked about the most. Companies have understood the value of reaching consumers using these resources and the numbers from the studies are giving them arms to show that this is not only an effective Uganda WhatsApp Number List  path but also one that consumers appreciate. A study recently pointed out that 89% of companies consider content marketing an effective marketing tool, a strategy that is especially effective when trying to win over millennials or one that is being increasingly supported by an investment in content from quality.

Content, therefore, has become a determining element that companies can use, although, given that the boom in branded content is still somewhat recent, this reality has not only become a promising element to establish the strategy of brand but also one that raises many questions about how to act and what to do to really reach consumers.

And in this situation of doubts and questions, those responsible for certain areas in some companies are one of the gurus that the media and companies turn to. Thus, in AdWeek they have asked Stacy Minero, head of Twitter’s content planning team and who has a professional background in the field of agencies (who are usually the protagonists of the companies’ content strategy), where He believes that content marketing is going to go and what he thinks should not be ignored today when establishing a strategy in this field. From his answers, 10 lessons can be established that are marking how to establish a branded content strategy. Live marketing will not only be a matter of large events

Brands take advantage of the big events to position themselves on social networks with messages to match them and thus reach a large mass of consumers through social networks. Sporting events, such as the Olympic Games and the American Super Bowl (where US brands launch their heavy artillery and create examples of success that will later be analyzed and followed by companies from the rest of the world), are some of the cases. recurring for this practice. But live marketing, or real-time marketing, is not going to be limited to these moments. In fact, he is no longer limiting himself to those moments.

As Minero explains, real-time marketing will go beyond the moments of maximum news coverage: they will also try to reach the consumer using day-to-day moments. The everyday will be the new fuel for this strategy, creating new opportunities to reach the audience and generate engagement on social networks. Consumers will have more weight in content

The contents are going to stop being unidirectional – if they have not already left it – to involve the audience in their creation. Brands will rely on the creativity of their followers and will invite their audiences to be part of the creation of this content. What do they gain from it? Minero explains that this is a much more immersive and fun experience.

Some brands have already played with these types of ideas and have shown their potential. Starbucks is, for example, one of them: last year it launched a campaign in the United States to vote for consumers’ favorite drink at Christmas time. The coffee shop chain managed to mobilize its consumers. The prize was that the drink in question would be served in the firm’s coffee shops at a 50% discount.Personalized content comes into play

According to Minero, brands will create personalized content at scale during 2015. This is it: brands have learned that consumers appreciate things that are unique and that demonstrate that they are known, understood, which makes the conversation really personal. Companies have to meet these expectations (buyers no longer expect uniform and impersonal elements), especially now that they have many tools to be able to meet them.

In 2014, some examples of this personalized content have already been seen, such as the campaign of a hotel chain that linked consumers with their dream travel destination or one of American Express that sent the tweeters who attended a Pharrell concert custom autographs.

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